Lifestyle Tip Tuesday: Yelp

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This is a brand new idea I’m starting on the site called Lifestyle Tip Tuesday. Where each week I will come out with a new lifestyle tip delivered to you Tuesday about different cool things I use in my life, do for fun or other useful adventures I think you’ll enjoy.

I wanted to add this in to change it up from all high performance and productivity to give you a fun little bit every week of something new to enjoy. I am putting it out Tuesday to give you time to look up some ideas for the weekend; if it’s something weekend related I talk about.

Today I want to introduce to you how I use Yelp and some uses I’ve found with it that I think you’ll enjoy.




What is Yelp?

Yelp is an application, you can download on the Google Play or the Apple App Store, that has user reviews and recommendations of top restaurants, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, services and more…

If you haven’t heard of it yet or just haven’t found a major use for it well I highly consider you take another look.

The biggest way I use yelp is by finding a place to eat. If you are in a big city you know how many places there are to eat. What do you choose? That Mexican place? The quick deli shop? The upstairs burger joint?

I rarely ever just walk in a place to eat anymore because I was tired of eating crappy food with low service. So what I will do is bust out my phone, pop open Yelp, click the “nearby” button and do the restaurant search. Then be sure to click “map” mode at the bottom. The list is cool but let’s be real, the closest and highest rated place is probably going to be the one you choose.

If you adopt this technique for finding a place to eat there will be a lot less sad looking sandwiches, rude burrito makers and soggy cookies in your life. Yes you will still be disappointed but if you find a place within the top 5 ranked food joints you are a lot more likely to find a place you and your friends can enjoy. Plus you’ll get brownie points from all your friends for always finding good places to eat.


Restaurants are the main reason I use Yelp but you can find almost any place you are looking for. I did this for a car repair shop the other day. What I did was searched for “repair shops” nearby and a list on the map came up. I was going to be doing some other errands that day so I chose a high rated repair shop that was on the way to my other tasks. When I went in to the shop it was great, a lot better than the other shop I went to as a recommendation from the insurance company, and I totally optimized my driving route that day probably saving myself 27 minutes.

So whatever you are looking to do, especially if you are out in the area at that time, you can open the Yelp app and find your next activity.

  • Bars
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Shopping
  • Delivery
  • So much more…

Hope you enjoyed this brand new idea of Lifestyle Tip Tuesday this week. I would love to hear feedback on what you think if this idea, leave a comment below. Also want to hear feedback on how you use Yelp or other good apps you suggest that do similar things.

Have a good week,



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