Lifestyle Tip Tuesday: Seminars

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Have you ever been to a seminar or conference before? How about a seminar on personal growth?

If you have never attended a 2 to 7 day long seminar about your personal growth journey then I suggest you ask yourself why you haven’t yet.

It’s an amazing experience in an immersive environment that breaks through several emotional blocks you may not even realize you have from our conditioned minds. We walk around with tons of emotional issues that cause harm to our health, relationships and the journey towards success. But with each seminar experience you go through you can release some of those emotional issues that will free up more energy you may not realize you have. You’ll also learn how to think differently about what you focus on to get past.


As Albert Einstein says, “We cannot solve out problem with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


An example of the emotional issues and baggage we carry around can be explained in this short story:

There were two monks that made a vow not to touch a woman or speak for a short time as part of their religious beliefs. The two of them went on a spiritual adventure through the wilderness for a month long journey. About a week in they came across an older woman who needed to cross a river but she was clearly too weak to do so. The two monks came across her and the older of the two monks gave her a piggy back and crossed the river to get her on the other side. This annoyed the younger of the two monks who watched this and then finally two days later he angrily asked the older monk, “why did you carry that lady across the river?!”

The older monk paused for a minute, took a deep breath and replied, “I carried her for two minutes, you have been carrying her for two days.”


Stop carrying that old lady, my friend. Check out some seminars to get past those emotional issues, there are a lot of free ones you can go to to get started in attending them but you will have to sit through some sales pitches they’ll up-sell you on for other services. But if you like those other services or programs they offer then buy it and take your next step in the journey.

I actually just got back from one called The Millionaire Mind Experience that took place in Ft. Lauderdale this past weekend. It was a great experience, I learned a ton about passive income, investing and creating a better relationship with money. It was a free program but, as I mentioned earlier, they gave sales pitches for their other programs. But hey, if that’s my price to attend the seminar, is listen to some pitches, then ya I’m in every time.

Tony Robins seminar Unleash The Power Within is a great one to start with. I have always heard great things about that event and will be attending in March if you would like to join me for that one!

Just Google seminars and see what peaks your interest. Whichever you attend it will be a great experience, probably 🙂

Have a good week,



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