Welcome! Join up today for your free productivity and high performance workshop.

This workshop is for professionals who’d like to increase their productivity and take their performance to the next level so that they can achieve their goals, have a higher quality of life and spend more time with friends and family. Does that sound like you?

The intention of this workshop is to provide you with training for increasing your productivity and the first workshop is FREE to attend!

If you have ever had a goal, a desire or wanted something then you understand the importance of getting things done. If you can’t get yourself to do something, follow through and be disciplined enough to hit your mark then how will you ever truly trust yourself? It all begins with being productive, getting things done and confidently believing in yourself.

Important concepts and ideas you’ll learn that will take your career to the next level:

-How to beat procrastination and never have it stop you again

-Proven techniques to be better at managing your time – so you run your day instead of letting everyone else and everything else run it for you

-Advanced psychology strategies for managing yourself to get things done in a multi-tasking world

-Essential skills for managing projects, personal productivity, organization, information reduction and workflow systems

-Bulletproof ways to keep your energy up throughout the day allowing you to be laser focused on your work

-The real way to set goals, so you can take that long term vision and chunk it down into actionable steps right now

-Best practices the experts use to reduce energy expenditure and effectively manage their activities throughout the day

-True confidence from a sense of satisfaction for what you have accomplished

-How millionaires can achieve so much while making it look so easy

-All while having a great time with fun people in a supportive environment

Each workshop is about an hour long and throughout the class there will be times when you are listening and times when you are actively learning. Studies have shown that not everyone learns the same way. These workshops use the newest learning techniques to help each and every person. You will be actively learning in the workshop by moving around, trying the techniques you learn immediately in the workshop and no matter what kind of learner you are (visual, auditory, hands on…etc) there are going to be exercises that will work for you.

There is limited seating in each workshop as the room can only fit so many people. So please sign up early to save yourself a seat.

The workshops are powerful and a great learning experience but the people you will meet make this event so amazing. In the workshop, you will be around other liked minded individuals who are dedicated to their self development. This is a community of people focused and serious about their goals, relationships and happiness in their life.

“Chaz Wolfson is an amazing human being and an excellent productivity coach. I HIGHLY recommend coming to his meetups.” -Nathan Swan

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