Just Graduate College And Unsure Where To Go Next? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions To Get Moving Again

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My friend came to me the other day and asked me for advice on what I think he should do next. He has graduated college and is at that point

1 Reason Why You Procrastinate and What To Do About It

“I have time. I don’t need to write my speech yet. It’s still three weeks away.” I said to myself. (next week) “I’m really good at public speaking and I

Lifestyle Tip Tuesday: Comedy

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When was the last time you went to a comedy show? How about listened to some stand up comedy? We all know laughter is good for us. It brightens our

Lifestyle Tip Tuesday: Seminars

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Have you ever been to a seminar or conference before? How about a seminar on personal growth? If you have never attended a 2 to 7 day long seminar about

Lifestyle Tip Tuesday: Yelp

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This is a brand new idea I’m starting on the site called Lifestyle Tip Tuesday. Where each week I will come out with a new lifestyle tip delivered to you

3 Steps To Break Past The Emotional Productivity Block

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I’m at my desk, feeling tired and unable to get started on my work. I know I got plenty of sleep the night before, hadn’t stuffed my face with bad

How To Live More and Stress Less: 2 Ways To Reduce Stress

It’s that time again during the day when you’re tired, been working on that something a little too long and then it goes the total opposite way you had expected.

Do You Have A Productivity System?

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(Warning about how lengthy but yet how cool this article is…1,800 words. 15 minute read) Do You Have A Productivity System? When I say system I do not mean a sound

Making Productivity Cool and Sexy

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Let’s face it, when it comes to productivity it’s not the hottest subject in the world. Without it, however, nothing would really ever get done. Everyone in our world would

3 Tips For Insane Focus

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Focus is like a train. Go one direction, do one thing and you will arrive at your destination. Are you being busy or productive? Finding the highest and best use

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