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Chaz Wolfson
Productivity Coach

Chaz is a, Tony Robbins, certified high performance coach, trainer and entrepreneur who enjoys public speaking and is willing to talk about stand-up comedy any day of the week. However, he wasn’t always the productive man he is today. When he was younger he struggled with laziness, didn’t get the best grades in school and played too many video games.

However, after successfully running his own online coaching business while simultaneously working a full time 9 to 5 job, as the go-to productivity associate in the office, in addition to leading workshops and live events in the evenings and weekends, for professionals to improve their public speaking skill, he is grateful to say he has finally managed to understand the ways of being a productive high performer.

After experiencing his own incredible personal transformation, he has found proven strategies and advanced techniques for being remarkably productive. He has coached dozens of others to succeed and brings his expertise to powerful live workshops where he now trains professionals on high performance, productivity and how to create impacting change to launch one’s career to the next level.

“I can tell Chaz is going to be one of the greats! His thirst for knowledge and hunger is one of a kind. After our coaching session I felt invigorated with new energy and perspective about my goals. Get at him!” -Alex Kip

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1 Reason Why You Procrastinate and What To Do About It
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“I have time. I don’t need to write my speech yet. It’s still three weeks away.” I said to myself. (next week) “I’m really good at public speaking and I know this material, I don’t

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Lifestyle Tip Tuesday: Comedy
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When was the last time you went to a comedy show? How about listened to some stand up comedy? We all know laughter is good for us. It brightens our soul, charges our heart with

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Lifestyle Tip Tuesday: Seminars
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Lifestyle Tip Tuesday: Yelp
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This is a brand new idea I’m starting on the site called Lifestyle Tip Tuesday. Where each week I will come out with a new lifestyle tip delivered to you Tuesday about different cool things

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3 Steps To Break Past The Emotional Productivity Block
Chaz | 02, November

I’m at my desk, feeling tired and unable to get started on my work. I know I got plenty of sleep the night before, hadn’t stuffed my face with bad food and I had my

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Get to the highest level of performance and productivity with the best strategies the experts use by downloading this FREE eBook.

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